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1 German philosopher who advocated intuition over reason (1744-1803) [syn: Johann Gottfried von Herder]
2 someone who drives a herd [syn: herdsman, drover]

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  1. One who herds.



  1. herdsman

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A herder is a worker who lives a possibly semi-nomadic life, caring for various domestic animals, in places where these animals wander pasture lands.
Usually if the person is a minor, he is called herdboy, if adult sometimes by contrast herdsman. Because their work is necessarily mostly outdoors, they move around from place to place in the course of their labours. The possibility exists that the lands upon which their beasts graze are not claimed as any single person's property.
A number of romantic legends have sprung up around some aspects of their way of life. Some herders whose lifestyles have become mainstays of fiction include:

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